Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Web Hosting Services – Introduction of Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting Services

If you want to make the online business is about content. Everyone wants to make up their own website. To live, you will need web hosting service. Web Hosting provides a web space where you can host your site.

Features and Limitations of Free Web Hosting
There are many free web hosting providers available. If you have a personal website, hosting is great. Free web hosting has some limitations. They are free, but they have lower maintenance costs. So put ads on your site to generate income. You can not have your own domain name with free hosting. If you would like to make a professional website, hosting is not for you.

Intro to pay Hosting - Shared and Dedicated Hosting
Web-hosting fee is required to host your business website. You can not rely on free hosting is not. Paid web hosting is available in two forms. 1) dedicated web hosting & 2) shared web hosting. In dedicated web hosting, you get access to a full server. Your website is hosted on your own server. In shared hosting, server resources you share with many other websites. Dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared web hosting.

There are many components of Web hosting. The web hosting space and bandwidth are key components of Web hosting. Some other factors are taken into account more than one domain hosting, FTP and SSH access, PHP, reliability, customer service, and of course price. You can choose the best web site hosting for it from these factors.

Two major factors of web hosting
Space Web Hosting is like disk space on your computer, but that the space available for use on the Internet. You configuration pages of your site in this space. Almost all web hosts offer unlimited web domain name now one days. You have not yet provide the hosting space. You will receive a maximum data transfer rate. This is called a limited bandwidth. Most hosts offer unlimited bandwidth.
Limited or unlimited domains hosting domains hosting
If you put the pages on your site for hosting providers, this is called a domain hosting. Some hosting companies offer a limited number of domain hosting and some offer unlimited domain hosting. If you have many websites and search for unlimited domains hosting host.
File Transfer Protocol, Secure & Shall
You need some form of access to the server for the download pages. This access is available in two types of protocols. File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Soll & Secure (SSH). All the hosting providers have access to FTP upload your pages to the server. The SSH access is not provided by all providers of accommodation available. Only a few vendors allow SSH access.
For dynamic pages, PHP & Support
Technology is very fast. Website is not just static HTML pages. Today, websites require PHP support. All paid hosting providers support PHP. Support for PHP, there is also a very large list of extensions. Support for these extensions, depending on the service provider. Although the free hosting service can you expect support for PHP.

The reliability and availability
Most service providers have 99.9% of the time and very fast response times. About the time is needed. You do not want your site or slow down response time. This should be considered a very important factor in choosing the web hosting service providers.

Customer Support
You need to support the customer. Customer support should be 24 / 7 and very fast response times. My problem with the service will not be solved easily if you have no customer support. As well, customer support is required.

Cost for web hosting
The price is also an important factor. You will be jointly hosting accounts from $ 2 to $ 10 per month price. You will receive a dedicated hosting account from $ 160 per month

Free Web Hosting Services